The Side Hustle


I recently came across an article “How to Save $100k by 30“. After having a “smh” and “lol” at the paltry goal (only $100,000? dream big!), I skimmed through the suggestions. I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of it covered the obvious basics of FIRE and even included some of the buzzwords of the community. As I read through, one suggestion which stuck out was “get a side hustle”.Read More »

DIY Barrel-aged Whiskeys!

Fermenting and aging: the factory hard at work.
Fermenting and aging: the factory hard at work.

So far, all the articles here at Easy Does It FI have been philosophical. Philosophy of happiness, FI, and life in general are pretty heavy topics. And while I’ve only started to scratch the surface on these points, I wanted to take a step away for something a little more practical and fun: home barrel-aged whisk(e)y!*Read More »